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Investments are great, but a wonderful network of much-needed assets is even better. We’ve curated a stack of top-tier services that we offer to our portfolio as an integral part of our investments.

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We tailor each deal according to the needs of each company, leveraging these services as wanted or needed. Below is a comprehensive list of the services that we provide, along with their descriptions and feature list. Please be aware that access to these services will be outlined and specified within our deal framework.


Our accounting network offers a wide range of services and consulting that can help new companies establish a powerful financial foundation, or give existing companies a way to streamline and maximize their process.

These services include: bookkeeping, consulting, financial statement creation, audit support, and accounting system selection. We also help with day-to-day structure such as: consolidations, pro-forma financial statements, budges, and charts of accounts cleanup.


An extension of our accounting service, our debt services can help you create good debt, get out of bad debt, and put processes into place to help make your company more profitable.

These services include: unsecured or secured lines of credit and term loans; inventory, PO, invoice, and AR financing; construction financing; merchant cash advance; commercial real estate loans; and SBA loans. Day-to-day, these services can also help you: cover up-front costs, smooth cash flow, cover emergency expenses, and consolidate business debt.

Human Resources

Our HR services can be utilized for companies who may not have an HR department, or for well-established companies who are in the middle of growth and development.

These services include: consulting, culture creation and initiatives, document templates, compensation, benefits, job posting and descriptions, tracings, and employee performance and reviews. We’ll also help with: pay scales and PTO, discrimination and harassment training, employee handbook templates, onboarding, termination, offer letters, and safety manuals.

Real Estate

Need help in the real estate department? Our services include:

Identification, procurement and development; zoning and entitlement; engineering, architecture, and design; development and construction; and financing assistance. We’ll also help you leverage and build relationships with our network of: engineers, designers, architects, developers, general contractors, and lenders and brokers.


Our marketing team can be leaned on both as an asset, or leveraged to be your agency of record.

The services we provide are as follows: go-to-market strategy, advertising, strategy, positioning, branding, events, customer profiling, data collection and application, sales channels, and SEO. More day-to-day examples of what we provide can look like: social campaigns, product launches, brandscapes, pricing, PPC, and creative direction.


Sometimes, our brands need a little help in the creative realm. This can either be in a consulting or hands-on capacity.

Our creative services include: digital and print design, brand development, video and photo, animation, creative direction, copywriting, visual identity, creative services, and ad creation. Deliverables can span the gamut: digital catalogues, product photos, lifestyle videos, ad conception and creation, website copy and design, print materials, and swag.


Need a website created, a landing page whipped up, or even an app developed? Our web team specializes in all the above.

Additionally, we can help you with: user interface design, user experience design, website design and development, app design, and full-stack development.


Here’s where our network really does some heavy lifting. Our flexibility and breadth allows us to provide logistical solutions for any of our portfolio company’s unique needs.

Our logistics stack includes: integration with Malouf operations, inventory financing, order management spanning from manufacturing to fulfillment, inventory storage, import-export management, and product ERP integration. Additionally, we can help you with channel and supply chain strategies.

Government Affairs

Many of our portfolio companies have benefitted from connections with local and federal government leaders and entities. Our network allows us to get in touch with the right individuals or organizations that could empower and uplift our brands:

Our help with government affairs includes: government incentive programs, non-profit grants, advocacy plans and strategies, legislative monitoring and representation, public policy research and analysis, federation and sate appropriations, and private sector developmental strategies.

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